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Air Motor unit for Winches

GLOBE has developed specially for winch and hoist applications a braked air motor set. The unit has a robust GLOBE vane motor with an fail safe BN brake and a proportional directional control valve.
The vane motor is of robust design and very good for harsh conditions. The BN brake is a spring loaded, air release failsafe brake. The holding torque is 1,5 to 2 time the maximum torque of the motor.
On top of the motor a proportional control valve is mounted. It can be a proportional remote control valve of a proportional hand control valve. The proportional valve controls the direction and speed of the motor.
The brake is released with pipelines from the proportional control valve. The unit is designed that the motor is under pressure before the brake is released. 

As standard the proportional valves can be supplied with either Equal Power of Biased Power spools, the latter is suitable for hoisting applications. The motor will have maximum power in lifting and reduced power in lowering. Because of the biased valve the load will not pull the motor in over speed in lowering direction.

The air motor unit confirms to European Standard NEN-EN 13463-1 for non-electrical equipment for explosive atmospheres ATEX GROUP II cat 2 GDc T4.

The specifications of the three main components, vane motor, brake, proportional valve, are:

GLOBE Vane Air Motor

Advantages of the GLOBE vane air motors include:
• No pins or springs
• Guaranteed positive start-up
• Simple adjustable torque and output speed
• Can be stalled under load without harm
• High life span en low cost price due the simple design
• Instantly reversible
• Oil-less operation possible


The advantages of the BN brakes include:
• Brake can be used in static applications;
• Field serviceable;
• Easy flange connection according to IEC standards;
• Low maintenance because very few parts are exposed to wear;
• Compact design;
• Easy interchangeable because of independent brake module;
• Cast-iron or steel housing and excellent thermal capacity for use in harsh environments;
• Long life-time;

The advantages of the valves are:
• Robust cast steel body;
• High flow design for low back pressure;
• Frictionless matched spool and sleeve;
• Very accurate proportional control;
• Available in equal power or reduced power


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