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Geared air motors

The GLOBE vane air motors are available with a standard range of worm and coaxial gearboxes. They generate high torques and low speeds of rotation required in many applications and can be supplied with a short delivery time. 

The motor and gearbox are directly mounted onto each other, making them compact and excellent resistible against outside influences. GLOBE geared vane air motors are designed for smooth operation.

- Power up to 8,3 kW at 6 bar air pressure
- High nominal torques up to 1650 Nm
- Speed of rotation as low as 7 rpm
- Easily variable and controllable speed and torque
- Perfect for applications in hazardous and aggressive environments
- ATEX certification ATEX II cat. 2 G&D T5 on request
- Superior power to weight ratio
- Instantly reversible
- Minimum maintenance
- High radial and axial loads permitted


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