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Product recommendations for the packaging industry


When it comes to handling packaged goods, FIPA has just the right solution for every task!


Whether you would like to


At FIPA, you’re guaranteed to find just the right product for your job. FIPA offers the fitting products for short cycle times and high accelerations.


FIPA also provides a wide range of efficient vacuum components, such as vacuum generatorsvacuum switches and system peripherals. For maximum productivity.


Vinyl bellows cups, 1.5 and 2.5 folds - SBV

  • Wear-resistant material - long service life
  • Good adaptation to curved or flexible product surfaces
  • 1.5 folds - SBV 1: Diameter: 5 - 70 mm
  • 2.5 folds - SBV 2: Diameter: 4 - 50 mm

Vinyl oval bellows cups - SO-BV

  • Compensates for height differences and enables gentle set down on the workpiece
  • Good adaptation to curved or flexible product surfaces
  • Wear-resistant material - long service life
  • Dimensions: 35x28 - 100x55 mm

Varioflex® bellows cups, 1.5 and 2.5 folds - SP-BX

  • Excellent service life and superior retention force
  • Special polyurethane in two degrees of hardness (60° Shore A black, 30° Shore A red)
  • Soft lip for optimal sealing
  • Long service life and low wear
  • Short cycle times and high process reliability
  • Low marking

Varioflex® bellows cups 1.5 folds - SP-BX1

  • Good adaptation to uneven product surfaces
  • Supports (Ø 20 - 75 mm) stabilise the product
  • Diameter: 15 - 75 mm

Varioflex® bellows cups 2.5 folds - SP-BX2

  • Good adaptation to uneven product surfaces
  • Large range of height and angle adjustment
  • Diameter: 15 - 75 mm

Vulkollan® bellows cups, universal, 1.5 to 2.5 folds - SBU-VU

  • Sturdy vacuum cup with minimal wear and a long service life - thereby offering
  • long maintenance intervals
  • Short cycle times thanks to very good retraction
  • Diameter: 9 - 62 mm

Bellows vacuum cups 1.5 and 2.5 folds with special connection for standard packaging machines - SV-SB

  • Smooth suspension for gentle product handling
  • Available in silicone (FDA-approved) and NR
  • Diameter: 16 - 40 mm

Silicone flat cups (FDA-approved) for use with tubes - SV-T

  • With straight or conical opening
  • Direct machine connection through pipe mounting
  • Handling of cans or tubes
  • Diameter: 11 - 46 mm

Silicone rectangular bellows cups, 2.5 and 3.5 folds - SV-RB

  • Handling of flexible parts and workpieces with uneven surfaces or products with
  • flexible outer packaging
  • FDA-approved vacuum cup material
  • Dimensions: 52x25 - 80x50 mm

FIPALIFT tube lifter

    • No need of complicated slinging of the load
    • Processes will be quicker and more efficient
    • No fatigue of employees from lifting heavy loads
    • Applications: e.g. Handling sacks, packages, crates, boxes and containers in shrink-wrap in warehousing and logistic
    • Three available versions:
    • FIPALIFT Expert
    • FIPALIFT Smart
    • FIPALIFT Basic

Vacuum gripping systems for Packaging

  • Handling of individual products or sites without gripper changing and regardless of workpiece positioning
  • Integrated vacuum generation or external compressor for use with particularly air-permeable workpieces

Customized grippers

Insert grippers

  • Gripper tools for insert components such as threaded bushes
  • Gripper shape can be matched exactly to the component to be gripped
  • Flexible control systems available, e.g. with pneumatic dual-action or vacuum-operated
  • Simple integration into the overall system using gripper components such as spring levelers or clamping elements

PA grippers

  • PA grippers are individually customised according to customer demands



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