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Applications for Plastics industry

Product recommendations for the plastics industry


Processes in the plastics industry make high demands on machinery and materials. For example, hot plastic parts have to be handled or parts will be subsequently painted. Even arched or structured surfaces and tight radii are not uncommon. There is also a demand for reduced cycle times. No problem for FIPA.


FIPA has an extensive range of gripper components that are optimized for applications in the plastics industry. Whether you are looking for grippers with gummed gripper jaws for low-marking removal of plastic parts or paint-wetting-impairment substances (PWIS) free vacuum cups with high temperature resistance - all our products meet the highest quality standards for maximum process reliability.



FIPA products for the plastics industry

FIPA has developed many products specifically for the plastics industry, with the aim of providing the perfect solution for any handling task. The FIPA gripper assembly kit offers everything from quick-change systems and grippers or air nippers to complete gripper systems.

Vacuum cups made of HNBR

  • Removing hot plastic parts from an injection molding machine with standard material
  • The cups are heat-resistant up to 160 °C (320 °F)
  • No silicones or other adhesive-repelling substances, enabling later painting of the products
  • Low-marking
  • Wear-resistant material

Bellows vacuum cups 1.5 folds - SKH-B1

  • Diameter: 5 - 43 mm

Bellows vacuum cups 2.5 folds - SKH-B2

  • Diameter: 5 - 60 mm

Flat vacuum cups with a shoprt lift - SFK

  • Diameter: 20 - 45 mm

Oval vacuum cups - SKH-O

  • Dimensions: 4x2 - 45x15 mm

Thermalon® vacuum cups

  • Optimum material for minimal marking
  • The cups are heat-resistant up to 160 °C (320 °F)
  • Later painting of the products easily possible because no silicones or other adhesive-repelling substances are used

Bellows vacuum cups 1.5 folds - SKT-B1

  • Diameter: 11 - 63 mm

Bellows vacuum cups 2.5 folds - SKT-B2

  • Diameter: 5 - 62 mm

Oval vacuum cups - SKT-O

  • Dimensions: 4x2 - 45x15 mm

Flat vacuum cups - SKT-F

  • Diameter: 5 - 60 mm

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