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Application solutions for wood- and glass industry

Product recommendations for the wood and glass industry


Wood is one of the most important raw materials. People find its properties and beauty fascinating. And yet processing wood is not always straightforward - its surface is often rough and sensitive, while wooden sheets, boards and planks are heavy and bulky.

Glass, in contrast, is a delicate and sensitive material that requires extreme accuracy when being handled.


It is precisely this combination that makes help necessary for handling tasks. Vacuum provides an ideal basis for a variety of handling solutions when it comes to wood and glass processing.


Whether for automated or manual handling - vacuum allows a gentle grip without leaving scratches or nicks, making even heavy loads seem weightless.


FIPA offers a wide range of vacuum handling technology for wood and glass processing:


Our many years of experience in the wood and glass industry at FIPA helps us understand exactly which solutions you need.


Flat vacuum cups for textured surfaces - SFU-R

  • Optimal sealing of rough and uneven surfaces thanks to very fine sealing lips
  • Enhanced safety thanks to two-fold, internal safety sealing lip
  • Interlocking, clip-in retaining plate for quick and inexpensive replacement of the sealing lip
  • Diameter: 40 - 200 mm

Flat vacuum cups for porous products - SFU-RT

  • Separation of porous plate materials through simultaneous suction and punctual blow-off
  • of the product
  • Enhanced safety thanks to two-fold, internal safety sealing lip
  • Diameter: 160 mm

Oval vacuum suction plates for textured surfaces - SOPL-R

  • Leak-free gripping of many problematic product surfaces thanks to very flexible, thinly tapered sealing lip
  • Increased security due to vulcanised carrier plate
  • Dimensions: 90x50 - 190x90 mm

Oval vacuum suction plates - SOPL-S and SOPL-A

  • High suction power with minimal space requirement
  • Rubberised support surfaces help prevent warping of the product
  • Available in the following materials: NBR (low-marking) and NR (wear-resistant)
  • Dimensions: 110x40 - 580x180 mm

Short lift vacuum cups SFK

  • Minimal lift for flat, sensitive surfaces
  • Supports prevent deformation of the product and increase stability
  • Available in the following materials: NBR and SI
  • Particularly suited for use in clamping systems
  • Diameter: 65 - 150 mm

Vacuum suction plates with foam rubber sealing lip - SP-PLM

  • Good sealing of heavily textured surfaces
  • Cost-effective replacement of worn seals
  • Diameter: 35 - 300 mm

Bellows vacuum suction plates - SBPL-E

  • Gentle handling of heavy, sensitive products
  • Good adaptation to concave or convex surfaces
  • Rubberised support surfaces prevent deformation of workpieces
  • Diameter: 150 - 350 mm

Varioflex® bellows cups, 1.5 and 2.5 folds - SP-BX

  • Special polyurethane in two degrees of hardness (60° Shore A black, 30° Shore A red)
  • Soft lip for optimal sealing
  • Long service life and low wear
  • Short cycle times and high process reliability


1.5 folds - SP-BX1

  • Good adaptation to uneven product surfaces
  • Supports (Ø 20 - 160 mm) stabilise the product
  • Diameter: 15 - 160 mm

2.5 folds - SP-BX2

  • Good adaptation to uneven product surfaces
  • Large range of height and angle adjustment
  • Diameter: 15 - 160 mm

Bellows vacuum suction plates Softgrip - SBPL-SG

  • Very gentle handling of sensitive products thanks to highly flexible fold walls
  • Combines the flexibility of bellows cups with the stability of flat vacuum suction plates
  • Central support block with safety sealing lip ensures a firm grip
  • Diameter: 150 - 210 mm

Bellows vacuum cups, universal - SBU

  • Universal bellows vacuum cups for handling sensitive or uneven products

High temperature vacuum cups with felt pad - SX-F

  • Outstanding low-marking properties thanks to special felt coating
  • Highest temperature resistance (FKM briefly up to 300 °C; special silicone with an evaporated silicone lock made of aluminium briefly up to 500 °C)
  • Diameter: 25 - 160 mm

The high-quality and sturdy FIPALIFT tube lifter is available in three versions:

  • Unlike chain hoists or block and tackles, complicated slinging of the load is omitted when using tube lifters
  • Processes will be quicker and more efficient, employees will not be as tired from lifting heavy loads
  • Applications: e.g. Handling sacks, packages, crates, boxes and containers in shrink-wrap in warehousing and logistic

The new vakuum lifter FIPA Spider is available for loads up to 500 kg

  • Suitable for the horizontal handling of plates and panes
  • Easy to install by "plug & play"
  • Low weight of only 60 kg
  • Special versions are developed quickly and easily

Vacuum gripping systems for wood and glass

  • Handling of individual products or sites without gripper changing and regardless of workpiece positioning
  • Integrated vacuum generation or external compressor for use with particularly air-permeable workpieces



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